There are two ways to invite Eric to your online meetings.

1. Invite Eric to a scheduled meeting using your digital calendar

If you use a digital calendar, you can invite Eric directly to your upcoming meeting by adding to your calendar invite. Eric will respond to confirm acceptance of your invite. If there are issues with the invitation, such as a missing URL to join the meeting, Eric will respond with an email notifying you of an issue.

2. Invite Eric to a live meeting using the Live Invite feature

If your meeting is not scheduled in advance or you forgot to invite Eric you can quickly invite from your account. In the left menu you can click the Invite button:

Once you click this button you will see a pop-up that asks for the Invitation URL. Please type or paste your meeting URL in this box and then click the "Invite Eric to meeting" button. Eric will join your live meeting in a few seconds and create a new meeting page automatically. If there is an issue joining your meeting you will get an error message.